Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just to announce to everybody that now AIESEC Indonesia has new real office and hopefully we will grow soon wahhoo... For little bit sharing Ap, me, and just feel like real working has already started and start to achieve more.

The office address:

Jl. Suryo Pranoto no. 73ª - 10160

Petojo Selatan – Jakarta Pusat

Phone and fax: 021-3503548

Saturday, September 29, 2007



6 LCs has been done their recruitment process for the newbies. more than 300 applicant joint the selection process in each LC. but only approximately 40 applicant become a new member after run for some test include written test, interview and off course fulfill the competency needed as member of AIESEC Indonesia. Its an interesting part for every LC as well as the hectic weeks for the EBs. Congratulation for all LC especially the EB, and super specially congrat to the TM people. You Rock Guys!!!

After get a new member, now its time for induction process. Some LC already done their first induction process. LC UI has successful event called LC UI Local Conference. Its a new and brilliant concept to bring the conference environment in LC. because as we know not everyone can attend the National Conference or International Conference for some reason. With very pro active members and outstanding faci, UI Local Conference bring fresh air for induction process in AIESEC Indonesia. And also for the other LCs. LC US and UD had a privilege to have Aidy (MCP) as their Chair in ORIMOT.

Welcome again for the newbies, be active in AIESEC to gain more knowledge than you expected and plan your career in AIESEC from now.

Monday, September 24, 2007


When Jenni had asked me to be one of the review Board members for SRB, i immediately said yes, thinking it will be a new as well as a fun experience for me.
I never expected that i will learn so much in the process of it and it will revive old memories from my EB term.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

MC Cleaning MC flat

Aidy just arrived from Bandung to meet Tatha and Nadia, finalized the legal stuff. Aidy was meeting with Pak David Wongso and ask for advisory. I just come back and I shouted to Ap and David... arrgggghhhhhhh.... MC flat is so yuck... and these two people keep still on their screen. Move move, clean, clean! Let's Clean clean together. David started from kitchen, Ap from the toilet, Aidy from the living room. Sunday is truly the

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LC US visit

It's truly tremendous impact when everybody put the commitment to sit and learn again from the beginning the meaning of AIESEC and what is the reason why we are doing all of this. Thank you to Mr. Prof to give the place for stay over a night and to all LC US EB that really passionate to learn new things. I believe what discuss together can give the real impact for LC US performance.

I also thank to all LC US founders, LC US BOA, LC US Alumni, LC US EB, the LC US members and new members. CUCO BENG BENG to give big shot for the local conference. I hope you all can use it as turning point of your LC.

"It not a matter of how we are but how we will be"

Paul Arden

LC US Visit

It's truly tremendous impact when everybody put the commitment to sit and learn again from the beginning the meaning of AIESEC and what is the reason why we are doing all of this. Thank you to Mr. Prof to give the place for stay over a night and to all LC US EB that really passionate to learn new things. I believe what discuss together can give the real impact for LC US performance.

I also thank to all LC US founders, LC US BOA, LC US Alumni, LC US EB, the LC US members and new members. CUCO BENG BENG to give big shot for the local conference. I hope you all can use it as turning point of your LC.

"It not a matter of how we are but how we will be"

Paul Arden

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back Home - Padang


I'm finally back to Padang, after more than 1 month staying in Jakarta. It feels strange, now back to normal life, routine activities, college, AIESEC, household work, etc etc.

Even after I come back here, I still think a lot, and after a few times I realized how I changed. The life full of challenges in Jakarta has somehow made me stronger. I feel it when I have to go with public transportation again, go up and down the hills of UA, do things by your own, well not saying that I don't used to do that before, but now it's just a different feeling I have. I used to complaint everytime I faced difficulties or when things go different with what I expected. But now, everything seems to be so easy. And I love the way I can see things now :)

I consider this a little like exchange experience. Eventhough I just stay in another city in the same country, the reality in each cities are different. And even in the short range of time, as long as you can values every learning you got, you can also experience that wonderfull change...it's great, you should try yourslef ;)

So anyone interested to join the one/two weeks as MCVP in Jakarta? Come on, grab it!!! You will learn a lot! I've just mentioned the life-changing experience living in another city, not yet the life-changing experience as an MC, which is actually better! You shouldn't miss the opportunity! Or, maybe someone is thinking to o on exchange? ;)

It's up to you...

Cheers from the Padang city, where you can see the sunset from the beach, the people are nice, the weather is hot, and the campus is up the hill :)

(Papi Kucluk, I took yoour words...hehe)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Talk show in Senayan City

MCP (Aidy), MC VP XD (Ap), MC VP IS (David) were going to Senayan City and we visit the NGO exihibition. We had change to be one of the speakers from the small guest list that attend the session. The session objectives are environmental issues in Indonesia and the society awareness toward it. The discussion also present Dee (the novelist) to present the idea about environment.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

IC Global Village

Hey.. Hey.. Global Villagers! I truly happie to be there again in the biggest Global Village in AIESEC. During the IC journey. Global village is the most excited day along the way of IC! Of course there are many many thousand moment of the life.
In the global village the Asia Pacific Growth Network (APGN) is the GN with the most crazy GN with many stuffs and souvenir. Luckily Indonesia booth was on the same table and we were crazy to take photos with all people from all the countries but I can say we will break AIESEC Guieness Book of Record if we can do it, Oh ya truly it's priority but there are many other important things should be considered such as exchange our souvenir with other countries and took as food as we can from each booth. Uh yeahh... that's the best part.

LC coach in MC Flat

LC UI has LC coach with MC VP XD in MC flat and glad to have a lot of guest working together in MC flat. I really hope other LC can do the same thing. Personally I invite all LC EB and LC members who want to work with us to come to MC Flat.

It was truly happy day to work during a lot of people get to together! (GETTING HOT!) Uh yeah! HOTTER and GET BURNT!
Look all the LC UI EB looked so passionate to work with us in the MC flat during that day.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

3rd Day....End of the GN pre Meeting

Today (20 August) GN pre-meeting will be done. We are exited for tomorrow because tomorrow IC will be start!
In the closing plenary, Sherly (AP director) said that IC is the biggest conference in AIESEC, more than 650 delegates, 100 country, etc..etc..but..... even there are a lot of people, even you know a lot of people, but sometime u will feel alone!
hmmm....do you know guys??at the moment I think Sherly is COOL!!!She's give a lot of inspire moment.

The IC party was started, out door party! in the tennis court, there are a lot of beer and DJ.
humm.....now, i'm understand what the meaning of WORK HARD PARTY HARD!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The best moment in life

When people said how is it there?
Aidy said from Turkey: Yeah it's so cool and everything is AMAZING!
everybody said around the world said: Yes, of course IT IS IC!
HONESTLY I TELL You It's the best moment in life. Even I had never dreamt about it before in my life and it's totally awesome.
MC team (Aidy, David, Irma, Iin) was going for IC in different tracks. Iin from Switzerland and three people from Jakarta. It's so nice to see four people Indonesia finally show up in IC again with quite big number of delegation.
The delegate from Indonesia went on 16th August 2007 and we were strongly encouraging by the fact that we left the country when our country has independence celebration and we keep in our mind and promise we will do the best for Indonesia.
We had 2 transits. 1.5 hours in Singapore and 9 hours in Dubai and we count down the time until we arrived in Istanbul Turkey. We were arriving at 12 midnight and finally we found that finally IC is coming to US.
The MCP premeeting and GN premeeting are awesome. The first day is MCP premeeting when AI explain their plan and what is the content of the IC in the big picture. I really feel honoured in the room with 100 president from 100 countries. Gabitza was explaining clearly what are the objectives and the target of the year.
The second day and the third day are the most hectic day. Each of Growth Network were working to finalize the initiative plan and break it down to the milestone, action steps and commitment of each countries to execute it. I guess by each of opportunities that are coming to us, will bring a lot of leverage for AIESEC Indonesia performance in the near future. Really looking forward you all join IC live 2007.
to be continued.....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

2nd diary ( IC Turkey 2007)

whwhhwh.......really want to say it!whuaahuaa.....
After we arrived 2 days ago..then yesterday the morning plenary for GN pre-meeting was start, we are really exited and as somebody said before that u will feel the REAL GLOBAL AIESEC in IC we are got the feel now even still GN pre-meeting and IC not start yet.

Meet with your old AIESEC friend.....
Yeah, we meet with our AIESEC friend, like Aidy of course meet with her MCP friends, and iin also, irma meet with her online friends then me meet with some OCSEALDS friends....so exited!!!!!!YEAHhhhhhhh....................

GN pre-meeting bit boring but a lot of tings that i got from every session.
AP GN quite noisy, and always say...."AP no 1...AP no 1....AP mo 1"...
and others, like wena "who's rosk the house??Wena rock the house"....and others...

yeah.............when the tunaktunak song play....everybody dance!!
hey!we are play copacabana, mingkarafang, and milkshake...and you know....everybody love it!!
and the night is over....then we after evaluation meeting for 2nd day, we are sleep...ZZZZZzzzzzzzz...!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

AIESEC Indonesia going to IC 2007 (1st diary)

1st trip...

i go by bus from Bandung and arrive at 6.20 in Cengkareng..aah.....it's a big traffic the way to Airport. After im waiting with my BIG backpacker bag....irma call me and we are waiting for aidy. 30minutes then AIdy come....

hmm.....we should fast go to the boarding place because we have a plan to get FREE Fuc**** Fiskal on the spot that's why we already stay in airport at 7 (the departure time is 10.10 pm).

We go to the free Fuc**** fiskal application place. after very long we negoziate (2 hours man!!)...and.....the result is 0 (ZERO)!!!!we are still should pay 1million

How come this country very suck! we go as representative of Indonesia but still must pay for tax.....aaah god today is our independents day but then we are not feel totally freedom!

and we are fly....
for the 1st transit, Singapore...
i really need "oxygen" and searching for special room....but i cant find. aaaah....phillips morris will angry for it haha..

and we are fly again...
hmm,.....emirates have very good plane and also food!....
after we almost 6 hours, we should transit in Dubai...the place that i write this 1st diary..
hmmm..guys, finally i find room for get "oxygen"....but, always as like this when u smoking in airport u will feel like stranger people.....because u have "special room" for it haha..

Dubai have great airport even still reconstruction...especially for shopping!(i saw a lot of people buy gold accessories) aah....hope we bring alot of money.
we will stay in here for 9 hours...!
we are promise we will prepare for rollcall/rolldance and also learn all materials.


in here...in the crowded place..

in here...in cozy place..

...we already one step to the biggest AIESEC conference...!

...we are promise that we will PERFORM AS AIESEC INDONESIA representative!

...we are promise that we will give effort as big as we have!

...we are promise that we will grab a lot of knowledge for SHARE TO ALL OF U GUYS!


still waiting for next story ya....!

Dubai, August 17th 2007 (7.28 AM)

....with big hug, david-aidy-irma.......

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moment of change!!

Yoo hoo....

Thank you for an Amazing National Conference 1. The host, LC UA, the OCs, Delegates, Chair, External Speaker, SG representative and everyone who made this conference success just showed their commitment to AIESEC Indonesia. Lets the Journey Begin!!!

Moments on the Harbor (or hill)
Its the coolest venue ever!! Not only because its a 3 star hotel, but its truly cool, its rain everyday. I still questioning, are they really need air conditioner?mm...for sure, thanx OCs for the place.

We have some external speaker for this conference. A representative from health department, who support our PBOX; Mr. Aim Zein, who gives us basic knowledge about tourism, entrepreneur and environment; and Liv Flores from REAL ACAD Singapore, you're so inspiring. thank you our beloved external :)

Are you still remember some leadership tips from Jack Sparrow?
Are you excited meet Oprah live?

or are you still remember the cheerleader show?
or the Pirates party?
sometime we need some exercise although in the midnight ^O^

NC 1 is our momentum to think are we want to challenge ourselves to get out from our comfort zone? show your awareness and keep your proactive to our Legalization process, new Compendium, governance and accountability to realize the AIESEC Indonesia 2010.
Lets the journey begin; Let makes our history NOW!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

National Conference I sense

It's so amazing when I just remind what happened in National Conference I in Bukittinggi.

One week before I came there, It's really hard time for me to handle things because too many technical things in front of the MC team which was heavy enough just because we didn't expect that one of MC international were late and one of the MC VP has hospitalized.
Personally I has learned a lot from the process but in the end it's closed beautifully by the all of contributors. Chair, Externals, OC, MC team, Delegates, Worker in the venue, LC UA, LC UB, LC UD, LC UI, LC UP, LC US, Bus Driver, Car's Travel drivers, and the SG representatives.

Thank you thank you for LC UA to make us experience the Conference that I said hotel not venue. It's truly amazing venue and thank you for all the delegates that come to the National Conference I. It was really a blast for AIESEC Indonesia feel the unity in AIESEC and let us mark this one as our legacy.
Oh ya Congratulation for Andra, as the captain for this national Conference I. We are really expect there are more people that show their passion and such a beautiful contribution to bring positive environment in the great event.

This National Conference I is the beginning and beautiful moment when we think HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO. They are truly important for us to achieve the best in our term and we were blessed to know more one thing important above anything else, it's a matter of WHY?

It's a matter we know WHY we are doing all of this.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a welcome.... i feel right at home...

Hey everyone,

well i have finally arrived in Indonesia and so far the experience has been fastastic, and thats because of the people.

Well at the airport after finishing all immigration work, i was so worried about meeting or seeing someone one i know. i was worried about, what if there was no one there to pick me up... but now when i think about that fear i realise how stupid i have been... there was no point of getting worried at all.... thats coz i had the best reception ever...

When i came out, Yohanes (LCP US) was there with a expectant look on his face and he said me "are u aparajita??" i think at that time that was the most amazing question for me... there was someone here to pick me up... yeahhhhhh!!!!!! but that was not the end.... then Yoyo told me that AIdy and Gita (LC VP US) was here as well.... i quickly ran and hugged them... i think both Aidy and i was just releived that i am FINALLY here....

From then on Yoyo and Gita countinued to talk to me and making me right feel right at home... i mean i didnt even realise after a while that this was my first day in Indonesia... and that credit goes completely to AIDY, YOYO and GITA... Thanks a lot guys... will never forget this experience and will treasure it forever... thanksssssss....

But that was not the end of it... Aidy kept on getting calls.. and they were all for me... everyone was calling me and welcoming me to this great place... what can i say... i felt important... hehehehe....

then we went to LC UI and said a brief hello to the new recruits and wished them all the best... what can i say... i saw some great people and the way they were responding it reminded me of my first day... i wish that they, along with them and the others who will walk into this organisation very soon will have a great AIESEC career and they get to treasure some amazing memories, just like me...i am just looking forward to meeting them soon as their coach and working with them even more....

This ofcourse continued till very late in the night.... we were in a huge discussion and just talking about lots of things with Aidy, Yoyo and Gita... it was fun... i mean i did something like this after a very long time...

Then in the morning i got to see Gita (alumni Cor)... all of us were happy to see her since she got yummy food with her... hehehe...

well thats the update from my side... if u ar reading this right now and u have read the whole thing then that means u havent fallen asleep... :)

hope to see a lot of people very soon....

Monday, July 2, 2007


Nice to know when I woke up this morning that today is 1st July 2007, when everything should be started. The morning has already became night and started to prepare for 2nd July 2007. Time was came and by so fast without we realize it and 365 days from now, we will in the finish line and we will see back many things left behind as legacies. It will be the beginning and it will be the end, it really depend on us see it. I believe beginning nor ending won't pass without meaning, it remains in our heart positively and negatively, once again it really depend on us see it.

From the day I moved to MC flat, I stick one quote in toilet door and you will see it every time you are in the toilet (just come here to MC flat if you are not believe it), the door said "Positive thinkers get positive results because they are not afraid of problems".
We will face many challenges in front of us, one thing that we should realize we must enjoy it, mean it then it will become something very valuable in life. Once again thank you for all 0607 to leave all legacy and congratulation 0708 to just start the new term!



Thursday, June 7, 2007

MC Planning

MC planning just over. I came to jakarta at 31st June 2007. It was raining and Jakarta had bad traffic. I just arrived at 7pm in MC office then I go to cyber cafe to have LCP meeting. waaa... BIG DEAL so tired after driving 5 hours then jump to face the screen for 3 hours. I was sleep in MC flat with David, Edja, Dina, Irma and Damy. We have movie night but Dina just went off because she was very sleepy I guess. Then the next day we all the elect go to my first dorm house in Fatmawati (Ewa's X room) for MC planning. So great experience to start MC planning in new place. The place so nice but a bit narrow. We are trying the best to still concentrating for the planning. I really glad all MC VPs and MC managers are there for planning except Rama (non-corp manager) because he should go to outside town with her mom. Aparajita in India was also involve virtually. I'm very glad that she join actively and efficiently in the session. DAY 1 ended and everybody looked so tired.
DAY 2 was challenging day because all planning was happened in 2nd day. What we experienced before in LC planning for whole month just happened here in one day. I believe I put much pressure on all team members feelings. But We are glad in the end we can finish it at 2.30 am.
DAY 3 we were starting with woke up late because nobody woke up in that small room. In the third day everything in that room looked messy, even we were cleaning it from bathroom until kitchen we were trying to keep them clean but it's so hard. In the 3rd day we had SG meeting but unluckily we should canceled it because none of SG could come. Then we switch the plan to have meeting with Bram about the national project possibility at pasta restaurant.
Hohoho this is the best part.. we had party KARAOKE GUYS!!! Rockz! We shouted danced and JUMPED like mad cows after staying in a small room for three days and two nights... hahah.. Rama voice was great hehhe.. and also David Ninda are great couple to create good MOVES... hhahah.. NICE TO SPEND TIME with YOU all.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Apa Kabar Indonesia

Hey Guys,

This is long over due, i appologies for the delay.

I have so much to tell you guys.. since so much has happened since getting on to the MC :)
Well after the selection i started getting to know few incredible individuals, who i will have the priviledge to work with for 1 year. This was mainly through online weekly meetings, which we all ensured took place even though there were techinical problems mainly from my side. Over here in Bangalore there are frequent power cuts, so it will be like i am at the meeting suddenly i wont be there... it was quite crazy... but definately fun never the less.

I think the most exciting time for me was general transition. I not only got to know the MC elect but also the MC current.. we had so much fun... even though there were problems like sometimes the microphone wont work, somethings the web cam wont, sometimes i ll ask for 2 sec breaks.. its was crazy. But what i really think is important in all this is that everyone, the MC current and Elect took so much effort in ensuring i was part of the transition, that i could listen and contribute at the same time. For me it was really effective since it helped me to understand the current situation also i got a lot of feedback on what to do for next year... so over all general transition was FANTASTIC!!!!

Well guys apart from all this fun stuff happening... i am right now caught up with preparing for my exams, which are at the end of this month and preparing for the Visa as well.. i have to thank you, Edja, about it, i mean u have been so helpful with it... i just hope our efforts pays off and i quickly get the visa...

Well guys thats it for now... i know i have written so much.. cant really help it once i start i cant seem stop :(

Well see you all very soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Surabaya oh Surabaya!

I joined US LCP election process. Yohanes was stepped up again as LCP this year. for the 3rd time I join event in surabaya and I felt that I have already engaged with the situation not so much shocked. I felt not so well when I came to Surabaya with really high temperature coz' there is Porong disaster make the Surabaya temperature even higher and higher. I really glad to meet all the members in Surabaya and I believe they can perform this year and create sustain development.
Thank you for Gita and her mom' menado es campur, Iin for your warm welcome I really appriciate your maturity to keep your intimacy with your family and I truly proud with PBOX team who really dedicated to their work. EXCELLENT JOB and MOTIVATION!!!

Great welcoming and weather in Malang!

HI AIESEC!!! It's great for the first time I arrived in Malang in 5 am in the morning after 10 hours at my trip from Semarang! It's a long long trip with not really good car. I arrived in Deasy house. Thank you for Deasy and her beloved mom. Her mom was very nice to me, she prepare the breakfast, the lunch for me and I just came in the middle of mid test week. Ohh.. what I can do, I just have little time here and try to make it as effective as I can. Do the reasearch (enviromental scanning), LC EBs interviews and brainstorm with the LCP elect Rama Kristian. He is a nice guy! Truly Deeply.
Also the Geraldi who always picked me up from Deasy house. I really glad that EB ask me to have fun in Matos (Malang Town Square, it's a nice mal and big) I really enjoy the weather, it's so chilly and not so many people with really clean street.
Congratulation also for LC university of Diponegoro to win the cleaness competition among Student organization in Economic faculty. Great JOB!
Thank's for Guran, Gerald, Deasy, and Rama who chat with me until 4 am in the morning until I was picked up by travel to continue my LC visit to Surabaya...

Join LC VP confidence voting process

I visited University of Diponegoro from 13 - 15 April 2007. First I really want to thank to Diah to host me in your kosan for 2 nights and also for Mas Bram, Diah, and Iin as MCP that always accompanied me to nice place to Gombel eat, eat, eat!! They always ask me to eat! Instant noodles, nasi ayam, steak, etc. It's fun but my stomach has capacity guys... Thank's for your warm welcome even semarang is a place with very very hot weather. Fiuh... not really good to walk. I also thank Radja to brainstorm with me about what the current condition and the expectation to national team 0708. It's so much fun~
Join your LC VP Q&A is a pleasure for me to know all the candidates deeper. to know Rendy, Lenny, Anton, Dita, and all of you guys.. You are excellent! I really hope best progress from all of you in terms of LC performance in 2007/08.


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Since I arrived in Semarang one day ago at 5 am in the morning I felt so excited with all new environment and sensation of old city, SEMARANG! Picked up by Thoriq VP Project LC UD by Radja's motorcycle. What a great start! I visited University of Diponogoro and met with all VPs and members who want to step up to LC VP level. What a great pleasure. SPIRIT Guys!

Then Bram (MCP), diah (LCP LC UD), and Iin (LC VP ICX) just accompanied me to have short trip full with three times dinner. hohoho... and be ready for the next day. EB meeting and EB candidates confidence voting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MC EB elect (2007-2008)

Aidy Steveany
Member Committee President
email: aidy.steveany@aiesec.net
AIESEC Carreer:
2004-2005 = Members
2005-2006 = ICX staff
2006-2007 = LCP LC UNPAD

Anthony Reza Prasetya
Vice President for External Relation
email: anthony.rezaprasetya@aiesec.net
AIESEC carreer:
2004-2005 = Members
2005-2006 = LC VP IS UI
2006-2007 = LCP LC UI

Irma Aulia Ramadhani Kasri
Vice President for Finance
email: irma.kasri@aiesec.net
AIESEC carreer:
2004-2005 = Members
2005-2006 = LC VP OGX UA
2006-2007 = LC Internal Audit UA

David Susandi
Vice President for Information System
email: david.susandi@aiesec.net
AIESEC carreer:
2005-2006 = Members
2006-2007 = LC VP IS UNPAD

Andina Dharma Putri
Vice President for Talent Management
email: andina.dharmaputri@aiesec.net
AIESEC carreer:
2004-2005: Members
2005-2006: LC VP Corporate Development UA
2006-2007: LCP LC UA

Aparajita Deb
Vice President for Exchange Development
email: aparajita.deb@aiesec.net
AIESEC carreer:
2005-2006: Members
2006-2007: LC VP ICX Bangalore - India

Meeting with Alumni for ALUMNI GATHERING

Last Saturday we have a meeting with AIESEC Alumni regarding the AIESEC Alumni Gathering. The meeting was held in Izzi Pizza Mahakam, Jakarta, at 12.30 PM. The alumni who attended the meeting are Mrs. Nina Sapti (alumni from UI and was the National Secretary for the 1st National Committee President in Indonesia), Benny (alumni US), Windrio (alumni UI), Amel (alumni UB), Mia (alumni UB), Rini (alumni UP), and Mbak Ann (alumni UI). The AIESEC member representatives who attended this meetings are Leon (National Alumni Coordinator), Edja (UI), The National Alumni Gathering OCs (Radit, Nissa, Bidi, Dian Endah), Obek (UI), and Damy (who finally came!).
The purpose of the meeting are to generate input from alumni about the Alumni Gathering, also to gain their support in the Alumni Gathering event. The input given by the alumni was great and really helpful for us, especially input from Mrs. Nina Sapti and Mas Benny and Amel (who happenned to be the in the Alumni Initiative Team for Alumni Gathering in the 2006).
The plus point of this meeting is we got an overview, or a little bit of story-telling, about AIESEC in Indonesia History in from Mrs. Nina Sapti.
We will held the next meeting with alumni next week on Saturday also. Hopefully from this meeting, the OC could gain success in running this event!

Everyday, Starts Today!

Monday, April 2, 2007

SG meeting

AIESEC in Indonesia just held MC-SG & Alumni meeting in Izzy Pizza, Jakarta, 31st April 2007. The attendee here are all MC VP current (Tya, Grace, Damy, Ewa, Bram), MCP elect (Aidy), MC VP ER elect (Edja), Alumni (Ebin, Mia, Benny, Kiky, Amel), SG (Mas Amir & Mba En). This meeting was held to discuss AIESEC Indonesia current condition and try to come up with solution and follow up plan.
This meeting started at 12 and ended at 4. All parts gave best contribution to bring AIESEC in Indonesia for better future.
Thank you to all participant in this meeting especially our honorably Supervisory Group.

Virtual Global Legislation

Since AIESEC International has problem about AIESEC Identity framework and announced in closing plenary IPM 2007, Egypt. Global plenary agree that AIESEC will held virtual global legislation at 30th March 2007. AIESEC in Indonesia involve in this historical event to give contribution as one of voting countries. Aidy as Member Committee President Elect as representative from AIESEC in Indonesia. The input paper from this virtual global legislation: The AIESEC Identity will be change to be "The AIESEC way", vision to be "what we envision", role to be "Our impact", nature to be "what is AIESEC", values to be "our values", core work to be "The way we do it".

I hope this is the beginning of better future for global AIESEC.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Event This Week : HP Seminar - Padang

Hi AIESEC Indonesia!!
Last Thursday (March 29), AIESEC LC UA was succesfully host the HP Seminar "The Secret of 5 Career Pillars" on Aula Fekon Jati Padang. UA is the second place after UP and the upcoming seminar with the same theme will be held in UI.
It was so crowded while the registration when hundred of people came and suddenly the OC became panic and stress. We love you OC!! Finally there were 350 paticipants joined the seminar and we are so sorry for everyone who just came to the vanue but can't joined the seminar (approximately a hundred). It's a dilemmatic situation when we must refused them. Thanks to Bram (MCVP Finance 0607) as Seminar Coordinator from MC that brought every stuff that we need and his patient helping us to explained the condition to the participant. (and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bram ^_^)
The seminar was so attractive with Mr. Setya Rahadi and Mr. Budi as the speaker. one of the participant told me that its very meaningful seminar that gives him a new perspective to build his career and wish that AIESEC will continue with another hot topic seminar. This event was one of our contribution to give positive impact on society and a part of our LN education.

Dedication, courage, and trust!
National Team 2007/08

Thursday, March 22, 2007

National Team 0708 Open Application

HI AIESEC since national conference III. AIESEC Indonesia open application for Member Committee Vice President until 3rd round.

The position still open are Vice President for Talent Management, Vice President for Exchange Development, Vice President of Information System. The deadline was closed 22nd March 2007 for VP TM also VP IS and 25th March 2007 for VP XD.

The President elected:
Aidy Steveany (LCP LC UP 2006/07)

The Vice President elected:
1. Irma Kasri as MC VP Finance (LC VP OGX 2005/06)
2. Anthony Reza as MC VP External Relation (LCP LC UI 2006/07)

The Local Committee President elected:
1. LC UA - Arif Finata (LC VP ICX)
2. LC UI - Ninda (LC senior member)
3. LC UP - I Made Yusdi (LC VP PD)

The applicant for Vice President for Talent Management are:
1. Basma (LC VP UD OGX 2004/05, LC VP UD PD 2005/06) - 2nd round
2. Andhina (LCP LC UA 2006/07) - 3rd round
3. Indra (LC VP PD UA 2006/07) - 3rd round

The applicant for Vice President for Information System is:
1. David Susandi (LC VP IS UP 2006/07) - 3rd round

The applicant for Vice President for Exchange Development is:
1. Aparajita Deb (LC VP ICX Banglore 2006) - 3rd round

Now application for MC managers are open for all member in AIESEC Indonesia to join national team 2007/08 until 10 April 2007.
(Just click the picture to download the booklet)

TERAMINGGO for all part of national team!

Dedication, courage, and trust!
National Team 2007/08

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


HI AIESEC Indonesia, we are proudly present pre-launching AIESEC Indonesia blog. We invite all LC also to enjoy and participate in this media tool. I hope by this blog AIESEC Indonesia can deliver the promise to its member as one of accoutability and transparently report from its member in national level to all stakeholders.