Friday, August 17, 2007

AIESEC Indonesia going to IC 2007 (1st diary)

1st trip...

i go by bus from Bandung and arrive at 6.20 in's a big traffic the way to Airport. After im waiting with my BIG backpacker bag....irma call me and we are waiting for aidy. 30minutes then AIdy come....

hmm.....we should fast go to the boarding place because we have a plan to get FREE Fuc**** Fiskal on the spot that's why we already stay in airport at 7 (the departure time is 10.10 pm).

We go to the free Fuc**** fiskal application place. after very long we negoziate (2 hours man!!)...and.....the result is 0 (ZERO)!!!!we are still should pay 1million

How come this country very suck! we go as representative of Indonesia but still must pay for tax.....aaah god today is our independents day but then we are not feel totally freedom!

and we are fly....
for the 1st transit, Singapore...
i really need "oxygen" and searching for special room....but i cant find. aaaah....phillips morris will angry for it haha..

and we are fly again...
hmm,.....emirates have very good plane and also food!....
after we almost 6 hours, we should transit in Dubai...the place that i write this 1st diary..
hmmm..guys, finally i find room for get "oxygen"....but, always as like this when u smoking in airport u will feel like stranger people.....because u have "special room" for it haha..

Dubai have great airport even still reconstruction...especially for shopping!(i saw a lot of people buy gold accessories) aah....hope we bring alot of money.
we will stay in here for 9 hours...!
we are promise we will prepare for rollcall/rolldance and also learn all materials.


in the crowded place..

in cozy place..

...we already one step to the biggest AIESEC conference...!

...we are promise that we will PERFORM AS AIESEC INDONESIA representative!

...we are promise that we will give effort as big as we have!

...we are promise that we will grab a lot of knowledge for SHARE TO ALL OF U GUYS!


still waiting for next story ya....!

Dubai, August 17th 2007 (7.28 AM)

....with big hug, david-aidy-irma.......