Sunday, April 22, 2007

Surabaya oh Surabaya!

I joined US LCP election process. Yohanes was stepped up again as LCP this year. for the 3rd time I join event in surabaya and I felt that I have already engaged with the situation not so much shocked. I felt not so well when I came to Surabaya with really high temperature coz' there is Porong disaster make the Surabaya temperature even higher and higher. I really glad to meet all the members in Surabaya and I believe they can perform this year and create sustain development.
Thank you for Gita and her mom' menado es campur, Iin for your warm welcome I really appriciate your maturity to keep your intimacy with your family and I truly proud with PBOX team who really dedicated to their work. EXCELLENT JOB and MOTIVATION!!!

Great welcoming and weather in Malang!

HI AIESEC!!! It's great for the first time I arrived in Malang in 5 am in the morning after 10 hours at my trip from Semarang! It's a long long trip with not really good car. I arrived in Deasy house. Thank you for Deasy and her beloved mom. Her mom was very nice to me, she prepare the breakfast, the lunch for me and I just came in the middle of mid test week. Ohh.. what I can do, I just have little time here and try to make it as effective as I can. Do the reasearch (enviromental scanning), LC EBs interviews and brainstorm with the LCP elect Rama Kristian. He is a nice guy! Truly Deeply.
Also the Geraldi who always picked me up from Deasy house. I really glad that EB ask me to have fun in Matos (Malang Town Square, it's a nice mal and big) I really enjoy the weather, it's so chilly and not so many people with really clean street.
Congratulation also for LC university of Diponegoro to win the cleaness competition among Student organization in Economic faculty. Great JOB!
Thank's for Guran, Gerald, Deasy, and Rama who chat with me until 4 am in the morning until I was picked up by travel to continue my LC visit to Surabaya...

Join LC VP confidence voting process

I visited University of Diponegoro from 13 - 15 April 2007. First I really want to thank to Diah to host me in your kosan for 2 nights and also for Mas Bram, Diah, and Iin as MCP that always accompanied me to nice place to Gombel eat, eat, eat!! They always ask me to eat! Instant noodles, nasi ayam, steak, etc. It's fun but my stomach has capacity guys... Thank's for your warm welcome even semarang is a place with very very hot weather. Fiuh... not really good to walk. I also thank Radja to brainstorm with me about what the current condition and the expectation to national team 0708. It's so much fun~
Join your LC VP Q&A is a pleasure for me to know all the candidates deeper. to know Rendy, Lenny, Anton, Dita, and all of you guys.. You are excellent! I really hope best progress from all of you in terms of LC performance in 2007/08.