Sunday, April 22, 2007

Join LC VP confidence voting process

I visited University of Diponegoro from 13 - 15 April 2007. First I really want to thank to Diah to host me in your kosan for 2 nights and also for Mas Bram, Diah, and Iin as MCP that always accompanied me to nice place to Gombel eat, eat, eat!! They always ask me to eat! Instant noodles, nasi ayam, steak, etc. It's fun but my stomach has capacity guys... Thank's for your warm welcome even semarang is a place with very very hot weather. Fiuh... not really good to walk. I also thank Radja to brainstorm with me about what the current condition and the expectation to national team 0708. It's so much fun~
Join your LC VP Q&A is a pleasure for me to know all the candidates deeper. to know Rendy, Lenny, Anton, Dita, and all of you guys.. You are excellent! I really hope best progress from all of you in terms of LC performance in 2007/08.


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