Friday, August 10, 2007

National Conference I sense

It's so amazing when I just remind what happened in National Conference I in Bukittinggi.

One week before I came there, It's really hard time for me to handle things because too many technical things in front of the MC team which was heavy enough just because we didn't expect that one of MC international were late and one of the MC VP has hospitalized.
Personally I has learned a lot from the process but in the end it's closed beautifully by the all of contributors. Chair, Externals, OC, MC team, Delegates, Worker in the venue, LC UA, LC UB, LC UD, LC UI, LC UP, LC US, Bus Driver, Car's Travel drivers, and the SG representatives.

Thank you thank you for LC UA to make us experience the Conference that I said hotel not venue. It's truly amazing venue and thank you for all the delegates that come to the National Conference I. It was really a blast for AIESEC Indonesia feel the unity in AIESEC and let us mark this one as our legacy.
Oh ya Congratulation for Andra, as the captain for this national Conference I. We are really expect there are more people that show their passion and such a beautiful contribution to bring positive environment in the great event.

This National Conference I is the beginning and beautiful moment when we think HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO. They are truly important for us to achieve the best in our term and we were blessed to know more one thing important above anything else, it's a matter of WHY?

It's a matter we know WHY we are doing all of this.

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