Monday, March 16, 2009

I am an AIESECer - Aidy Steveany

In 2004, I was joined AIESEC Bandung when I was at 3rd year in Padjadjaran and Parahyangan University. I chose AIESEC because I can see that AIESEC can become a perfect platform for me to practice my management and administration knowledge, gain practical experience, and expand my personal and professional network.

Personally, I see my every involvement in AIESEC as invaluable investment to develop my personal, interpersonal, and professional life. Joining international conference and involving in various activities in local and national level expanded my network and perspectives and two years of experience in operational and strategic level enhanced my analytical and entrepreneurial skills.

The development has been more than tremendous. Giving the best contribution, I learnt more than I could imagine. In many times, I fought my thought and my fear until I dare to apply as President of AIESEC Bandung 2006/07 and once more as President of AIESEC Indonesia 2007/08. At the end, It is rather sweet and not scary at all. These experiences are not easy but every leaders said, once we conquered it, it made us realized that people are able to do big things when they are dare to starting thinking about it and do it.

After my leadership experience, I did not stop with my personal and professional exploration in AIESEC. Moreover, I want to explore the world and new concept, social business. I went to Brazil to be part of Artemisia-Ashoka project through AIESEC Internship program. Working in a social business and helping them to build sustainability while learning for its model have given deep learning on transfering world capital to the poor.

From meeting with billionaire in Brazil to visiting the most slum and closed community in Brazil, I can see the meaning behind my work, my passion, and my aspiration. And now I have no doubt to take another stage of learning in life after my internship program in one of best university in Europe. Thank you to previous leaders in AIESEC who gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to make all these happened in my life.

And AIESEC for these opportunities to make a life changing experience has become reality.

Aidy Steveany, I am An AIESECer