Saturday, September 29, 2007



6 LCs has been done their recruitment process for the newbies. more than 300 applicant joint the selection process in each LC. but only approximately 40 applicant become a new member after run for some test include written test, interview and off course fulfill the competency needed as member of AIESEC Indonesia. Its an interesting part for every LC as well as the hectic weeks for the EBs. Congratulation for all LC especially the EB, and super specially congrat to the TM people. You Rock Guys!!!

After get a new member, now its time for induction process. Some LC already done their first induction process. LC UI has successful event called LC UI Local Conference. Its a new and brilliant concept to bring the conference environment in LC. because as we know not everyone can attend the National Conference or International Conference for some reason. With very pro active members and outstanding faci, UI Local Conference bring fresh air for induction process in AIESEC Indonesia. And also for the other LCs. LC US and UD had a privilege to have Aidy (MCP) as their Chair in ORIMOT.

Welcome again for the newbies, be active in AIESEC to gain more knowledge than you expected and plan your career in AIESEC from now.

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