Saturday, September 8, 2007

IC Global Village

Hey.. Hey.. Global Villagers! I truly happie to be there again in the biggest Global Village in AIESEC. During the IC journey. Global village is the most excited day along the way of IC! Of course there are many many thousand moment of the life.
In the global village the Asia Pacific Growth Network (APGN) is the GN with the most crazy GN with many stuffs and souvenir. Luckily Indonesia booth was on the same table and we were crazy to take photos with all people from all the countries but I can say we will break AIESEC Guieness Book of Record if we can do it, Oh ya truly it's priority but there are many other important things should be considered such as exchange our souvenir with other countries and took as food as we can from each booth. Uh yeahh... that's the best part.

LC coach in MC Flat

LC UI has LC coach with MC VP XD in MC flat and glad to have a lot of guest working together in MC flat. I really hope other LC can do the same thing. Personally I invite all LC EB and LC members who want to work with us to come to MC Flat.

It was truly happy day to work during a lot of people get to together! (GETTING HOT!) Uh yeah! HOTTER and GET BURNT!
Look all the LC UI EB looked so passionate to work with us in the MC flat during that day.