Saturday, March 31, 2007

Event This Week : HP Seminar - Padang

Hi AIESEC Indonesia!!
Last Thursday (March 29), AIESEC LC UA was succesfully host the HP Seminar "The Secret of 5 Career Pillars" on Aula Fekon Jati Padang. UA is the second place after UP and the upcoming seminar with the same theme will be held in UI.
It was so crowded while the registration when hundred of people came and suddenly the OC became panic and stress. We love you OC!! Finally there were 350 paticipants joined the seminar and we are so sorry for everyone who just came to the vanue but can't joined the seminar (approximately a hundred). It's a dilemmatic situation when we must refused them. Thanks to Bram (MCVP Finance 0607) as Seminar Coordinator from MC that brought every stuff that we need and his patient helping us to explained the condition to the participant. (and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bram ^_^)
The seminar was so attractive with Mr. Setya Rahadi and Mr. Budi as the speaker. one of the participant told me that its very meaningful seminar that gives him a new perspective to build his career and wish that AIESEC will continue with another hot topic seminar. This event was one of our contribution to give positive impact on society and a part of our LN education.

Dedication, courage, and trust!
National Team 2007/08