Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meeting with Alumni for ALUMNI GATHERING

Last Saturday we have a meeting with AIESEC Alumni regarding the AIESEC Alumni Gathering. The meeting was held in Izzi Pizza Mahakam, Jakarta, at 12.30 PM. The alumni who attended the meeting are Mrs. Nina Sapti (alumni from UI and was the National Secretary for the 1st National Committee President in Indonesia), Benny (alumni US), Windrio (alumni UI), Amel (alumni UB), Mia (alumni UB), Rini (alumni UP), and Mbak Ann (alumni UI). The AIESEC member representatives who attended this meetings are Leon (National Alumni Coordinator), Edja (UI), The National Alumni Gathering OCs (Radit, Nissa, Bidi, Dian Endah), Obek (UI), and Damy (who finally came!).
The purpose of the meeting are to generate input from alumni about the Alumni Gathering, also to gain their support in the Alumni Gathering event. The input given by the alumni was great and really helpful for us, especially input from Mrs. Nina Sapti and Mas Benny and Amel (who happenned to be the in the Alumni Initiative Team for Alumni Gathering in the 2006).
The plus point of this meeting is we got an overview, or a little bit of story-telling, about AIESEC in Indonesia History in from Mrs. Nina Sapti.
We will held the next meeting with alumni next week on Saturday also. Hopefully from this meeting, the OC could gain success in running this event!

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Aidy Steveany said...

Great Job, Damy, Edja!! We are really hope this will bring leverage for all of us.