Sunday, June 7, 2009



Yiiieey..!! Finally after NPM, we met again almost full team (except Cath since she’s still in China) in our MC meeting on May 27th – 29th at our new office in Kelapa Gading area. For three days, we talked about our personal thingy, team characteristic building, and ended it up by continuing our planning.
On the 1st day, should be started at 9 am, but we made it at 11 am! Since some of MCs (Andra, Dessy, and Noach) just come from Bandung, Masaru was stuck in traffic jam from Lila’s house, and I (Mya) was little bit sick, so I should take a rest little bit longer in the morning. When we arrived at the office, Jenni was ready to kick our asses; otherwise we treat her at dinner. Started from talking about Sempu Island stories, the post tour of Natcon 3, we could discover our characteristic individually. It reflected our role and contribution to the team as well. It was extremely interesting to know ourselves from such an outbound activity like that! 
After that we discussed about MC Image in the NPM. We should know about image that we want to build and understand our contribution toward that. Because it’s a very interesting discussion, we forgot that we haven’t had our dinner yet! And for today’s dinner, we had it in a seafood restaurant around Kelapa Gading. Spicy but yummy! After back, we continue to discuss about feedback framework. Even feedback should be given in a constructive way! Then we talked about our working culture that we want to have. Coffee talks in the morning! After that the time was showing around 00.30 am. At first, we want to stay at the office together, but since Dessy was offering her house to stay and continue the meeting, then we moved there! Thanks DessY.. 
On the 2nd day, we did the meeting at Dessy’s house with full of foods! Dessy’s mom is so nice and she loves cooking! Thank you, Tante (it means aunty, our call for her mom). On this day, we started from our common vision and mission that is aligned with AIESEC International. From that we can know our contribution and align our target for next term. Then we discussed about our team character, and ended it up with personal talks about personal development with Jenni. After long talks, we had break for pray and dinner. Yuppy, we had dinner at traditional food place nearby Dessy’s house. There are fried rice, cap cay, sop kaki kambing, nasi uduk, etc. Very traditional foods from Indonesia with cheap price and yummy taste!  Then we continued with discussing about conference cycle. So far we decided to have 4 conferences in this term with different focus in each conference. So cool!
On the 3rd day, we just had short meeting until 12am since all of us have other tasks to do as well. On this day, we focused on planning thingy. We updated about planning progress from each functional and decided a lot of tasks to be done for planning. And finally we decided our team name for AIESEC Indonesia 09/10, which is RAINBOW, with tagline Together We Shine! 
Hopefully in term 09/10 AIESEC Indonesia will be really shining across the AIESEC network and in the world! 