Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The best moment in life

When people said how is it there?
Aidy said from Turkey: Yeah it's so cool and everything is AMAZING!
everybody said around the world said: Yes, of course IT IS IC!
HONESTLY I TELL You It's the best moment in life. Even I had never dreamt about it before in my life and it's totally awesome.
MC team (Aidy, David, Irma, Iin) was going for IC in different tracks. Iin from Switzerland and three people from Jakarta. It's so nice to see four people Indonesia finally show up in IC again with quite big number of delegation.
The delegate from Indonesia went on 16th August 2007 and we were strongly encouraging by the fact that we left the country when our country has independence celebration and we keep in our mind and promise we will do the best for Indonesia.
We had 2 transits. 1.5 hours in Singapore and 9 hours in Dubai and we count down the time until we arrived in Istanbul Turkey. We were arriving at 12 midnight and finally we found that finally IC is coming to US.
The MCP premeeting and GN premeeting are awesome. The first day is MCP premeeting when AI explain their plan and what is the content of the IC in the big picture. I really feel honoured in the room with 100 president from 100 countries. Gabitza was explaining clearly what are the objectives and the target of the year.
The second day and the third day are the most hectic day. Each of Growth Network were working to finalize the initiative plan and break it down to the milestone, action steps and commitment of each countries to execute it. I guess by each of opportunities that are coming to us, will bring a lot of leverage for AIESEC Indonesia performance in the near future. Really looking forward you all join IC live 2007.
to be continued.....

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