Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moment of change!!

Yoo hoo....

Thank you for an Amazing National Conference 1. The host, LC UA, the OCs, Delegates, Chair, External Speaker, SG representative and everyone who made this conference success just showed their commitment to AIESEC Indonesia. Lets the Journey Begin!!!

Moments on the Harbor (or hill)
Its the coolest venue ever!! Not only because its a 3 star hotel, but its truly cool, its rain everyday. I still questioning, are they really need air conditioner?mm...for sure, thanx OCs for the place.

We have some external speaker for this conference. A representative from health department, who support our PBOX; Mr. Aim Zein, who gives us basic knowledge about tourism, entrepreneur and environment; and Liv Flores from REAL ACAD Singapore, you're so inspiring. thank you our beloved external :)

Are you still remember some leadership tips from Jack Sparrow?
Are you excited meet Oprah live?

or are you still remember the cheerleader show?
or the Pirates party?
sometime we need some exercise although in the midnight ^O^

NC 1 is our momentum to think are we want to challenge ourselves to get out from our comfort zone? show your awareness and keep your proactive to our Legalization process, new Compendium, governance and accountability to realize the AIESEC Indonesia 2010.
Lets the journey begin; Let makes our history NOW!!!

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