Monday, December 21, 2009

My MC Life in AIESEC Indonesia (MCVPOGX Part1)

Hello, my name is Masaru Ashizawa.
Currently the MCVPOGX of AIESEC Indonesia 09/10 term.

Next, I want to share my experiences so far in my MC term.
This time, I summarized into 3 points to make it easy to read.
But surely I want to share more and more!

-Working in a whole different environment in a growing potential market and culturally diverse people

I get to work with diverse people among the MC team and AIESEC Indonesia by becoming MC from different country background. Although working in the same AIESEC network, I see the way organization run things are very different.

It is merely the difference of the culture in the organization itself.

One of the reason is due to the external environment which Indonesia has potential of higher growth as an AIESEC entity and in the market itself.

But most importantly, I feel it is because of the rapid development process that AIESEC Indonesia is currently running. From a country with no exchange opportunities realized to becoming APGN Top 3 rank in Q2 2009 and achieving NBBB award in IC2009 Malaysia!!!

To be specific, the environment I face can be assembled into "Passionate, High Ambition, Quick Action & Always working towards new solutions."

I absolutely feel very excited, honorable and challenging in working in this kind of environment and happy to contribute myself in here.

-Get international and diverse network

As an MCVP Exchange, I work closely AIESECers locally and globally to generate exchange and partnerships. Here I got to seize the global trends of AIESEC network and how we need to adjust and develop our supply to tap into new countries for partnership.

It requires building relationship management with people you never met before and virtual communication skills. I gain connection with people over 30 different countries and territories, and get to have experience in managing with all these people coming from different of background.

By being MCVPOGX, I am implementing not
"Act Local, Think Global", but "Act Local AND Global"!!!

-Being Representative of Two countries

As an International MC, I have the opportunity to become the representative of Indonesia and Japan. I am proud to represent two countries at the same time because this is a chance that I won't be able to expereience easily in my whole life.

To members of AIESEC Indonesia and in National Conferences, I introduce Japanese cultures, trends and lifestyles, in the otherhand, during international conferences or to external students, I become ambassodor of AIESEC Indonesia.

These are only few of the aspects of my experiences as MC in Indonesia.
Hope to share more during my remaining term in here!!!!

I am Member Committee of AIESEC Indonesia 09/10.
Do "YOU" want to be part of National Team???