Sunday, April 22, 2007

Surabaya oh Surabaya!

I joined US LCP election process. Yohanes was stepped up again as LCP this year. for the 3rd time I join event in surabaya and I felt that I have already engaged with the situation not so much shocked. I felt not so well when I came to Surabaya with really high temperature coz' there is Porong disaster make the Surabaya temperature even higher and higher. I really glad to meet all the members in Surabaya and I believe they can perform this year and create sustain development.
Thank you for Gita and her mom' menado es campur, Iin for your warm welcome I really appriciate your maturity to keep your intimacy with your family and I truly proud with PBOX team who really dedicated to their work. EXCELLENT JOB and MOTIVATION!!!

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ali said...

Take good care of your health too miss MCPe :))

with smile,