Thursday, June 7, 2007

MC Planning

MC planning just over. I came to jakarta at 31st June 2007. It was raining and Jakarta had bad traffic. I just arrived at 7pm in MC office then I go to cyber cafe to have LCP meeting. waaa... BIG DEAL so tired after driving 5 hours then jump to face the screen for 3 hours. I was sleep in MC flat with David, Edja, Dina, Irma and Damy. We have movie night but Dina just went off because she was very sleepy I guess. Then the next day we all the elect go to my first dorm house in Fatmawati (Ewa's X room) for MC planning. So great experience to start MC planning in new place. The place so nice but a bit narrow. We are trying the best to still concentrating for the planning. I really glad all MC VPs and MC managers are there for planning except Rama (non-corp manager) because he should go to outside town with her mom. Aparajita in India was also involve virtually. I'm very glad that she join actively and efficiently in the session. DAY 1 ended and everybody looked so tired.
DAY 2 was challenging day because all planning was happened in 2nd day. What we experienced before in LC planning for whole month just happened here in one day. I believe I put much pressure on all team members feelings. But We are glad in the end we can finish it at 2.30 am.
DAY 3 we were starting with woke up late because nobody woke up in that small room. In the third day everything in that room looked messy, even we were cleaning it from bathroom until kitchen we were trying to keep them clean but it's so hard. In the 3rd day we had SG meeting but unluckily we should canceled it because none of SG could come. Then we switch the plan to have meeting with Bram about the national project possibility at pasta restaurant.
Hohoho this is the best part.. we had party KARAOKE GUYS!!! Rockz! We shouted danced and JUMPED like mad cows after staying in a small room for three days and two nights... hahah.. Rama voice was great hehhe.. and also David Ninda are great couple to create good MOVES... hhahah.. NICE TO SPEND TIME with YOU all.

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