Thursday, March 22, 2007

National Team 0708 Open Application

HI AIESEC since national conference III. AIESEC Indonesia open application for Member Committee Vice President until 3rd round.

The position still open are Vice President for Talent Management, Vice President for Exchange Development, Vice President of Information System. The deadline was closed 22nd March 2007 for VP TM also VP IS and 25th March 2007 for VP XD.

The President elected:
Aidy Steveany (LCP LC UP 2006/07)

The Vice President elected:
1. Irma Kasri as MC VP Finance (LC VP OGX 2005/06)
2. Anthony Reza as MC VP External Relation (LCP LC UI 2006/07)

The Local Committee President elected:
1. LC UA - Arif Finata (LC VP ICX)
2. LC UI - Ninda (LC senior member)
3. LC UP - I Made Yusdi (LC VP PD)

The applicant for Vice President for Talent Management are:
1. Basma (LC VP UD OGX 2004/05, LC VP UD PD 2005/06) - 2nd round
2. Andhina (LCP LC UA 2006/07) - 3rd round
3. Indra (LC VP PD UA 2006/07) - 3rd round

The applicant for Vice President for Information System is:
1. David Susandi (LC VP IS UP 2006/07) - 3rd round

The applicant for Vice President for Exchange Development is:
1. Aparajita Deb (LC VP ICX Banglore 2006) - 3rd round

Now application for MC managers are open for all member in AIESEC Indonesia to join national team 2007/08 until 10 April 2007.
(Just click the picture to download the booklet)

TERAMINGGO for all part of national team!

Dedication, courage, and trust!
National Team 2007/08

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


HI AIESEC Indonesia, we are proudly present pre-launching AIESEC Indonesia blog. We invite all LC also to enjoy and participate in this media tool. I hope by this blog AIESEC Indonesia can deliver the promise to its member as one of accoutability and transparently report from its member in national level to all stakeholders.