Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back Home - Padang


I'm finally back to Padang, after more than 1 month staying in Jakarta. It feels strange, now back to normal life, routine activities, college, AIESEC, household work, etc etc.

Even after I come back here, I still think a lot, and after a few times I realized how I changed. The life full of challenges in Jakarta has somehow made me stronger. I feel it when I have to go with public transportation again, go up and down the hills of UA, do things by your own, well not saying that I don't used to do that before, but now it's just a different feeling I have. I used to complaint everytime I faced difficulties or when things go different with what I expected. But now, everything seems to be so easy. And I love the way I can see things now :)

I consider this a little like exchange experience. Eventhough I just stay in another city in the same country, the reality in each cities are different. And even in the short range of time, as long as you can values every learning you got, you can also experience that wonderfull change...it's great, you should try yourslef ;)

So anyone interested to join the one/two weeks as MCVP in Jakarta? Come on, grab it!!! You will learn a lot! I've just mentioned the life-changing experience living in another city, not yet the life-changing experience as an MC, which is actually better! You shouldn't miss the opportunity! Or, maybe someone is thinking to o on exchange? ;)

It's up to you...

Cheers from the Padang city, where you can see the sunset from the beach, the people are nice, the weather is hot, and the campus is up the hill :)

(Papi Kucluk, I took yoour words...hehe)

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