Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Supervisory Group Meeting of AIESEC in Indonesia

MC team had a SG meeting on May 23rd!!The meeting was comprized from MC08/09,09/10 and the SGs.

My first impression as experiencing the similar meeting in AIESEC in Japan,I was expecting a very formal and tight discussion.

The atmosphere of the meeting turned out to be very diffent then I expected,having meeting at a restaurant with eating and drinking, friendly and fun talks,and of course also the intensive discussion according to the agenda.

It was quite surprising for me to know that the relation with the SG is not only a partner giving critical feedbacks from a professional perspective but also listening and understanding about the situation of AIESEC Indonesia and the MC body.

That is why we can discuss our realities and also about our problems frankly, which makes the meeting very useful and essential for the MC. I am really looking forward to have further coaching and discussion about our conditions and reality in the next SG meeting!!

AND the greatest part is that we get treated for the whole meal and drinks!! Cant wait for the next time!!

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