Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yaaayy !! The term of AIESEC Indonesia 2009/2010 is starting already !
So proud that in the beginning of the term, the MC Team which consist of 7 energetic young people already selected and so ready to start the engine, fully passion and giving the best commitment towards growth and sustainability of AIESEC Indonesia.

MC Team 09/10 - The Rainbow

"Together We Shine"
from left to right : Dessy (MCVP ER Non Corp&MCVP Comm), Noach (MCVP Talent Management), Masaru (MCVP Outgoing Exchange), Mya (MCVP ER Corp), Cath (MCVP Incoming Exchange), Jenny (President), Andra (MCVP Finance)

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Robertfel said...

Great to visit this blog and Congratz for new MC !!