Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On 21st of May 2009, MC of AIESEC Indonesia have the opportunities to have SG meeting in Mbak Habsari, who is also one of the Supervisory Groups members, Villa in Dago Bengkok, Bandung.

There are Jenni, Ap, Lila, Masaru, Noach, Dessy, and me (andra) who AMAZED with the beauty of the Villa. The villa is consist of two building of houses. One building is owned by Mbak Habsari and the other one is owned by her best friends. They build it together in the same land.
We had the chance to look around the villa. The villa is not big but it has many open windows, so it is has a very fresh nature air inside. The furniture is also makes us very comfortable, it is just like a getaway place for holiday ;). Moreover, there is continuous sustainable food offered by Mbak Ari, from the lemper, sweet bread, comro (unique food from Bandung) to the main dish, and if its already finished Mbak Ari always offer new food which makes us gaining more weight :D
Mbak Ari has a really sweet and lovely family. His husband is very warm, friendly, and also talkative. She has a two boys, the older is very smart, he can remembered all countries flags and the younger one is very friendly and cute.
Mas Bido comes later to mbak ari house. Since he became the SG chair, he conducts and led the SG Meeting. The meeting is discussing about being focus on your strengths, put 10,000 hours for your strengths, and to accelerate the learning.
1) Focus on your Strength
Never focus on your weaknesses! Focus on your strengths. We have limited time in this world so differentiate ourselves with the strengths that we already had. Do you know how to differentiate between hobby and strength? Hobby is something that we had the interest on it but strength is something that we had the interest plus everybody is recognize it and they also like it when we do it. So, if you also had the time to win some award then it means that people also recognized your strength

2) Put 10,000 hours for your strength
It has the research on successful people like David Beckham, Tiger Woods, and Bill Gates is putting more than 10,000 hours in the professional skill which also their strengths. They are practicing from the very beginning from every details to enhance and sharpen their strength. Bill Gates also learns how to make the computer not suddenly becoming CEO of Microsoft. So, its very that successful people put more time on their strengths. Even mbak Ari already manage her financial matters since she were young.

3) Accelerate Learning

Mas Bido suggest to us that AIESEC Indonesia should accelerate the learning process that they made now. The faster the learning process, the more growth we can get. That is why many successful people also becomes success at a young age. Mbak Ari also said that learning is can start anytime, even when she is still young she already manage her personal financial
The topic that we discussed is very interesting from 3pm until 6pm not only SG and MC who involved but also Mbak Ari’s boy is also joining the discussion. At the end of our meeting we had sharing time to discuss about what each of MC will going to do for the next term of 09/10 and their dreams. After the meeting finished actually, Mbak Ari is inviting us to have dinner together but unfortunately we had a meeting so we didn’t join the dinner. So, It was a really nice topic discussion in a very comfortable place. Thank you very much for SG who brings a very interesting topics and Mbak Ari for allowing us to conduct it in her villa.

MC AIESEC Indonesia 09/10
The Rainbow “Together We Shine”

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