Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Principle centered leadership

Today is Sunday and after watching Olympics men's volleyball finals between US and Brazil (After which I changed my Gmail tag to "Unforced errors make you the second best") I decided to search for some Internet. Luckily here you find many wifi cafes. All you have to do is to buy some snacks of a drink and they let you access Internet through their secured wifi connection. If you want you can spend the whole day there.

So now some reflections from the last few weeks...

A lot being discussed about what brings organizational success and what can contribute to thriving organizations. This is parallel to setting up the platform for National conference of AIESEC Indonesia in November. The reality has been such that being in the top organizational body you try hard to encourage and make your subordinates perform and bring results, but also you find the output is not proportional to the effort that you put in. And also you find that your role increasingly become high directive and less supportive which means you are "Telling" what needs to happen and rest follows - missing key self driven and learning culture in the organization.

This is when we started our topic of discussion about "Principle centered leadership". Influenced by the concepts shown in Stephen Covey's literature, we discussed and discovered the importance of having a never changing core for this organization (Especially for an organization where leadership changes every year, it is an utmost necessity to have a strong unifying direction that can hold everything together).

These set of "Principles" once commonly shared and when combined with deep organizational understanding, will be the foundation for creating the required organizational culture that will drive more self driven learning, leadership and behaviors that we want to cultivate in our organization.

We believe that we are on the right track for leading a better and more effective organizational culture. And we are looking forward to make the fullest commitment to make things happen...

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